Speciality Landscape

Project Overview

Creating a Multi-Sport Playing Surface in your backyard can add a ton of vitality and vibrancy to your property. Whether it for basketball, hockey or even the family dance party it will become a significant focus for your visitors and family.

Project Details

  • Unique Back Yard Landscape
  • Project Budget – $10,000 – $15,000
  • Concrete Pad, Retaining Walls, Multi-Sport Playing Surface

Our client is an avid basketball fan and desired a professional basketball experience conveniently located in his backyard. The clients vision was to create a suitable size play area, install an in-ground/anti-vibe backboard and finish the surface with custom cushioned anti-slip surface tiles.

Existing Yard

The existing backyard is comprised of mature trees and gardens, play areas and hardscapes (decks, patios). Integrating a 20’x30′ concrete pad into an existing landscape would take thoughtful contemplation from the homeowners.

When we surveyed the property, it was determined that the location of the court would need to be constructed where two 40-foot white spruce trees had been established. The trees and root balls were removed and the site was excavated with the excess material relocated offsite.

A Solid Base

The concrete pad is the single most important component of the project, the significance of choosing the right sub base material and compacting it correctly order cannot be understated. Analyzing the subbase, identifying the composition is key to ensuring the right amount of organic soil is removed. For this project, we determined that we would allow for a 3.5″ pad set on 6″ of compacted 3/4 minus crush.

The basketball backboard, net and post (GOALrilla Brand) required to be installed prior to setting the concrete pad. For this project, we installed a 6″ sono tube 3.5′ below grade; we then installed 24″ threaded rods into the concrete and set the top plate. The post and backboard system mounted to the top plate via the rods that were connected deep into the concrete piling. This configuration significantly reduces vibration and unnecessary movement from the backboard providing a better paying experience.

The installation of the backboard system needed to be scheduled in a way that allowed for the curing of the concrete in the sono tube to occur before the compaction of the subbase for the paying area. The concrete pad was constructed with a 1% graduated slope and given a broom finish to aid in drainage and assist with the tile surface.

Finishing Off

The final components of the project were to back fill with soil against the perimeter of the court and install sod to match the existing lawn. Our certified irrigation technicians reconfigured the underground irrigation system to accommodate the new court.

The project was a success due to the combined efforts of our team and the clients. The planning process was a collaborative effort between the Mow and Snow design team and the clients. This process set a solid plan of attack that ensured the project was on budget and in accordance with timelines.

This project is a great example of how differentiating your landscapes can create endless ways of enjoying your home, yard and the outdoors.


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Speciality Landscape

Creating a Multi-Sport Playing Surface in your backyard can add a ton of vitality and vibrancy to your property. Whether it for basketball, hockey or even the family dance party it will become a significant focus for your visitors and family.


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