A landscape needs its landmarks and foundations

Paving stones in Fernie BC

Hardscapes and softscapes are the complete opposite of each other, yet both are necessary to make a landscape fully functional. As the name implies, hardscaping is all the hard things like pavers, rocks, walls and gravel paths. Hardscaping provides a low maintenance, hard wearing option that is the foundation of any landscape. The amount of hardscaping depends on the intended use of your yard and our team works closely with you to bring the perfect balance.

Paving Stones and Patios

A patio space is an extension of the home, especially in the warmer months. Incorporating a backyard hardscape will significantly increase your family’s outdoor experience with more room to sit and enjoy your surroundings. Paving stones can transform a damaged or boring driveway into a functional, century lasting entry to a property.

We can help supply and install a statement piece leading to your home. Perhaps a pathway to a fire pit or even an outdoor kitchen to make your backyard the ultimate entertainment destination. With endless colours, patterns, textures and shapes to choose from, pavers are a great option to provide a unique landscape design as well as being more than durable enough for our harsh winter climate.

Retaining Walls

When living in the mountains, a retaining wall can be necessary for managing soil erosion and creating usable flat areas for outdoor living. While some are essential, they can also add a layer of aesthetics to your property by adding dimension and personality to your yard. We have experience in building retaining walls with a wide range of products including natural stone, gabion baskets, timber and pre-formed concrete blocks. Proper preparation and drainage are essential to a long-lasting wall. Our team take the stress out of construction and can hide a water management system.

Retaining Wall

Features, Accent Rocks & Waterfalls

Your landscape should reflect your personality and there’s no better way to do that than by adding unique features, accents or art work. We can incorporate things you already have or commission one of a kind pieces as a main feature of your outdoor canvas. We want to make your landscape unique, it’s one of the things that makes Blue Spruce different. Variety!


Drainage and Snow Management

The most overlooked part of any landscape is the importance of drainage. The grade and soil type can mean the difference between your house flooding or not. We plan for spring melt, heavy rain and roof line dripping to ensure your house is protected and your yard stays a yard, not a marsh.

Our area is known for snow and Spring rain. The front of our properties get overloaded with road snow, salt and gravel. By thinking ahead, we can make these areas easy to clean in the Spring so your space is ready to enjoy as early as possible.

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