Softscapes and Horticulture

The lighter side to your Landscape

Turf Laying

Softscapes are the gentler features, consisting of materials and design elements that are physically soft. These landscaping elements are fluid and change as they mature, providing a living dimension to your exterior habitat.

Flowers, shrubs and trees

Our certified horticulturalist can curate the perfect blend of flowers, shrubs and trees by taking into account maintenance, sunlight, water tolerance and flowering months. We work with our supplier Nurseries to prioritise planting local native species that thrive in our area, are drought tolerant but are also beautiful and help our pollinators survive. Our plants are sourced as locally as possible from suppliers we know and trust, whose plants and trees come with a one season guarantee. We’ll make sure the conditions set by the nursery for the plants are met and are planted at the right time of year for them to flourish.

Grasses, Sod and Ground Cover

Everyone wants a green lawn but there are many options; whether it is to start your lawn by seed or sod, we have the experience to make it successful. For second homeowners we have used eco blends that don’t require watering or cutting as frequently and blend into the natural surroundings. For the eco conscious person, bee grass is a low maintenance option that increases habitat for pollinators. For zero maintenance we can even install artificial grass. Artificial turf has come a long way in the last few years and is becoming more popular due to minimal maintenance and deep green colour all year.

Vegetable Gardens

If you already grow vegetables, or buy fresh and local, you know how much better they are than a grocery store product. In addition to better flavor, some of the reason’s gardeners cite for growing their own vegetables include better health, food safety, saving money and helping the environment. A raised vegetable garden makes the chore of gardening easier while adding an extra dimension to your yard.

Key benefits

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