Automation for the win!

Water is a vital part of a healthy, lush lawn or garden. An automatic irrigation system takes the thought out of when and how much water is needed, increases property value and saves time. Our experienced irrigation technicians can design, install, diagnose, repair and maintain all systems to give you more time to enjoy your outdoor space. Our team is certified with the Irrigation Industry Association of BC.

Design and Installation

The secret to an easy to maintain and efficient irrigation system is a carefully thought out design. We take care of all the details from checking property water pressure, locating underground utilities and programming the system. Once complete, we will show you how the system works and provide a map of where lines and sprinkler heads are located.


Finding a problem underground can be difficult but with a systematic approach and years of experience, we can quickly locate leaks and other faults with your system. We stock a huge inventory of parts allowing us to fix 95% of faults the same day and in turn saving you time and money.

Spring Startup and Winter Shutdown

A properly maintained irrigation system is essential to keep your lawn and gardens healthy. In the Spring, we start up each zone, check for leaks and possible winter damage. We adjust heads to ensure full coverage and set the time and days to water in line with the current weather.

Before the Winter freeze, we use compressed air to blow water out of the system. This protects lines from expanding water which can cause irrigation heads and fittings to freeze and crack. It’s also a great opportunity to see if anything needs attention before the system goes into Winter hibernation.

Our Expertise

All communities within the Elk Valley have signed the Province’s ‘Living Water Smart’ program which sets the direction for changes to water management and use. The introduction of an automated watering system is promoted in the program as one of the most economical and impactful ways to reduce consumption.

In Fernie alone, 10% of the total water consumption for the community is attributed to outdoor irrigation (City of Fernie Water Smart Action Plan, November 2010).

Key Benefits

Save Water

Irrigation systems water specific plants and areas based on their individual growing needs, and at times of the day when it’s less likely to evaporate or even ‘cook’ the plant.

Save Money

An effective irrigation system can ensure that the investment in your landscapes are enhanced. Providing support to healthy gardens, lush turf areas meaning less fertilizer and weed control.

Better Results

Lawns, flowerbeds and shrubs all require different amounts of water, irrigation systems target watering requirements when it’s needed – where it’s needed – all to the benefit of your landscape.

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